Teresa Cho Edwards, CFP® earned her B.A. from Princeton University. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Investment Management professional. She comes from a background having worked as a Fixed-Income Analyst in the Financial District in New York City. Our competitors at financial institutions may offer you subscription-based services or AUM fees that allow you access to a rotation of CFPs ®, or a CFP® may be assigned to you. We believe it is important to choose your own Financial Advisor in order to be confident in the person who is giving you advice.

Because we lead dynamic lives, our financial strategies should adapt accordingly. For this reason, we believe in the importance of sustaining an ongoing relationship with a strategic partner to advise on financial planning and investment management matters. Studies show that those who have a comprehensive financial plan can build significantly more wealth than those with no plan. 

We work with people who are highly motivated to take control of their finances, who want to create and fulfill financial goals, and who want a secure retirement. We can help clients nationwide virtually and online, or in our office in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area. We provide a high level of personalized, individual attention to each of our clients. 

StriveVest can help if you want independent, fee-only, and professional financial planning and wealth management. We are independent and work in your best interest instead of recommending securities and products based on commissions or proprietary sales quotas.